Versatile Amadeo's Blue Pleated Skirt


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This Bainha skirt exudes a subtle elegance when paired with a midnight blue Hermes cashmere sweater.

Amadeo's Blue Pleated Skirt

This design combines two original azulejo tiles to form an expressive and chromatic pattern. The name "Amadeo’s Blue" pays homage to the author of the painting “Oceano Vermelhão Azul”, Amadeo Souza-Cardoso.



As our next chapter in keeping with traditional Portuguese “Azulejaria” (tile making), we brought to light the ability to combine an artistic treasure and ancient heritage, with a contemporary sense of style. To bring an even greater life to our patterns, many of our garments have a symbol which will lead you to where the original tiles are. Follow the heart to see what you’re wearing.


Find it here:

1. Rua do Regedor | 2. Rua Marquês Ponte de Lima




Twill, 97% cotton, 3% elastane. This twill has a special finish, making it extremely soft to the touch. Its paper density and structure are ideal to keep the pleats rigorously folded from the waist down, progressively expanding towards the bottom end, just like a "diva-skirt" from the '50s.


Care Instructions

Wash inside-out. Machine wash 30ºC max. Dry inside out


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