Versatile Imaginária Clutch


Imaginária Clutch

Mouraria has some of Portugal’s most impressive “azulejos” with Moorish and Arabian influences. The colors of these original tiles were intentionally brought out to highlight Lisbon’s eastern heritage, specifically from the years when it was under Arabian control during approximately 711 AD to 1108 AD.



As our next chapter in keeping with traditional Portuguese “Azulejaria” (tile making), we brought to light the ability to combine an artistic treasure and ancient heritage, with a contemporary sense of style. To bring an even greater life to our patterns, many of our garments have a symbol which will lead you to where the original tiles are. Follow the heart to see what you’re wearing.


Find it here at Lisbon

 Travessa de Santo António à Graça Largo do Terreirinho



11,81" Width 9,06"Height



Twill (97% cotton, 3% elastane). Sturdy and soft, the clutch is just the right size for those everyday "essential extras", for a special occasion or for your tablet.


Care Instructions

Hand wash. Wash and dry inside out.


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