FRESS Pink Bees Embroidered Clutch with Trimmings


Pink Bees Embroidered Clutch

This Bainha de Copas piece was inspired by FRESS’s bookbinding workshop. The original bee is a metal stamp used to carve leather or paper book covers.


Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva’s (FRESS) asked Bainha de Copas to interpret the foundations Fine Arts through the brands Portuguese Wearitage®. We proudly took on the great work of promoting the 62 year old institution which houses master craftsmen and artists.



29,9cm L x 23cm A / 11,81" Width 9,06"Height 


Twill. Sturdy and soft, the clutch is just the right size for those everyday "essential extras", for a special occasion or for your tablet.


Care Instructions

Hand wash. Wash and dry inside out.


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